What is AEMP 2.0 all about?

What is AEMP 2.0 all about?
  • November 3, 2021
  • Qais

    What is the AEMP 2.0 standard? Why is it so important? How can this AEMP standard help our partners? 


    Optimizing and efficiently managing heavy equipment fleets on the construction site has undeniably become a necessary prerequisite to ensure profitability. The transparency and visibility of all machines and their status plays a critical role in increasing efficiency in the company and eliminating downtime.

    Today, most OEMs equip their machines with their own telematic solutions for transmitting machine data such as the GPS position, fuel usage and operating many other data parameters. In the past, the data provided was not presented in a consistent manner from manufacturer to manufacturer; i.e., for example, weight was in tonnes for manufacturer A, and in kilograms for manufacturer B. Accessing the data required the use of the specific OEM website and portals.


    The most important thing: Uniform machine data

    In a mixed fleet situation, it can be a major challenge to bring the data together in a way that provides a unified and coherent overview. A company would need to make a special agreement with each OEM providing machinery in their fleet in order to obtain the data. In addition, the company would need to develop an independent service and software to collect and operationally use this OEM data for mixed fleets.

    The Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) recognised this challenge and introduced an OEM telematics standard, now known as AEMP 2.0 (or ISO 15143-3).


    What use is the AEMP standard to the end user?

    In simple words, the standard creates a common data format which enables the process of retrieving mixed fleet data into a third party single portal or software. The standard contains more than 20 parameters such as the serial number, GPS location, operating hours, fuel consumption, asset identification, location, operating hours or miles, fuel level and many others.


    Is the AEMP 2.0 system flawless?

    Retrieving the machine data often introduces a number of challenges despite the current standardization. First and foremost it can be expensive, especially when pulling data from multiple OEMs in one mixed fleet. In addition,some manufacturers either provide data that is not following the AEMP 2.0 standard, do not offer an integrated OEM built-in telematics, or use old equipment that does not have an integrated telematics solution installed. In some cases one may be dependent on the different agreements and guidelines of the individual OEMs. This can be restricting, especially for dynamic companies with growing fleets.

    In other cases, a single external telematics solution, similar to our IoT devices and software, can prove to be very beneficial especially when it is coupled with its very own tailor-made software like SAM. Such a system does come with its flaws as a manual installation of each telematic device is required. 


    What does that mean to me as a SAM user?

    Despite the pros and cons demonstrated of the different choice available above, as a SAM software user you can still make a choice between using our telematics, external 3rd party telematics solution, or using an AEMP 2.0 standardized OEMs integrated solution depending on the application and specific use case requirements. If you decide to choose our solutions, we will help and assist you with the installation of the IoT-devices. 

    With our solutions, we aim to provide end-users with complete flexibility so that you and your employees can work as effectively and stress-free as possible. If you would like an overview of our portfolio, simply request a free demo and see for yourself!


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