Digitize the construction site: Where do you start?

Digitize the construction site: Where do you start?
  • August 19, 2021
  • Elena
  • As a contractor, you often ask yourself where exactly you should start with the digitalization of your construction company. After all, there are many possible places where you could start optimizing. Read here 4 typical problems in the construction process and how to solve them through digitalization.


    1. “We have problems finding suitable subcontractors quickly and efficiently.”

    Setting up a tender, having it proofread, comparing providers, discussing options, having it approved and finally awarding and managing the contract – finding a subcontractor for a specific project can often take a long time. After all, assigning the contract alone is not enough, because the subcontractor must be constantly supervised and managed. This involves a lot of work. 

    The start-up Cosuno has developed a solution to make this process faster, more efficient and therefore, less stressful. From the search through the selection to the assignment and follow-up of a subcontractor, the entire process is handled in a simple software. This way, you can compare different providers directly with each other and award contracts with just one click. What are the benefits? Less hassle, but also saved time and costs. According to the company, the advantages are up to 60 % time savings and up to 50 % higher responses to tenders. Around 80,000 subcontractors are now registered in the network.


    The automatic price mirror at Cosuno to compare offers.


    2. “I lack an overview where my machines are currently located.”

    We know from our own experience: Construction companies, no matter what size, often lack an overview of their complete equipment fleet. This does not only include large construction machines, but also small equipment such as chains or drills. Due to this lacking overview, construction site managers often spend a lot of time on the phone as well as dealing with lots of paperwork.

    Today however, there are already digital solutions for this that can be implemented very easily. With SAM, machines can be located live and displayed on a map. With just one click, you can see directly which machine is involved in which project and who is responsible for it. The software can also be used to organise transports in order to provide one whole process from the search, through the disposition, to the final delivery of the equipment on the construction site. Here you can find all of SAM’s functions and advantages.


    3. “We often notice upcoming machine inspections too late”.

    If a machine is scheduled for various projects for a long time, it should not happen that upcoming technical inspections are overlooked. In the worst case, this causes project delays due to the long wait or unavailability of the machine. The VDBUM is Germany’s leading association that deals with technical checks of equipment.  That’s why we have teamed up with the association to enable fast and digital processing of technical protocols. You can read more about this in our recent blog post. In fact, currently not only VDBUM’s partners benefit from the platform but also SAM’s users directly in their company profiles. 


    4. “Construction machines are often booked on the wrong cost centres”.

    Due to the lack of machine and project overview, machines are often booked manually on cost centres. Since this often involves a lot of discipline and proper technology behind it, incorrect cost center bookings are quite common. 

    Sharemac introduced a simple and efficient solution to this issue: automatic cost centre allocation. The machines are equipped with IoT-devices and assigned to current projects automatically in the system. The machine’s operating hours during a particular project are also automatically counted. This allows for automatic costs calculation both per project and per equipment, as well as both on the basis of time periods and/or working hours of a specific equipment. 


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