Through SAM, Sharemac combines innovative software with different telematics solutions. With the help of IoT devices, dynamic machine data is sent to SAM, where it is used for essential planning, disposition and logistics use cases and purposes between different departments in a company. External and OEM tracking devices can also be integrated with SAM as long as the data quality and quantity are good enough for the use cases of the client. Learn more about our IoT solutions or SAM functions here.

SAM enables cross-department equipment planning, disposition and fully-automatic costs calculation. The manufacturer-independent equipment tracking makes project and equipment management on construction sites extremely simple and intuitive. From the initial project creation phase to all further activities in the construction process such as the transport organisation and automatic costs calculation of the entire equipment fleet: SAM takes care of everything. A comprehensive overview of all major functions can be found on the SAM page.

Yes. Depending on the area of responsibility, different functions at different company levels can be enabled from user to user. In this way, each employee sees only the information that is relevant to them and can quickly find their way around the system without being overwhelmed with unnecessary functions. SAM’s total flexibility and adaptation possibilities are some of its essential and most important features.

The number of SAM users usually depends on the size of the company. We can individually set how many employees ultimately have access to SAM and also which functions they can use at which company level. You can find an overview of all functions on the SAM details page.

SAM provides a single comprehensive solution for construction companies that digitises all central processes. This results in a cross-department and mixed fleet overview and transparency for users – accessible at any time and from anywhere. In this way, the machine fleet is utilised optimally and unnecessary costs and time wasting are minimised. Transparency, efficiency and security – Simply request a free demo and discover SAM for yourself.

SAM lives from the users’ feedback – only this way the system can develop and improve further. In case of missing functions, our world class development team can promptly implement necessary changes or develop further functions. This enables us to prioritise new functions independently and make them possible in a very short amount of time and only to specific users if necessary.

To log in to SAM, you only need the app and your user data. You will receive your user credentials directly from us and we will be happy to provide you with additional support during the initial onboarding of the software.

In order to use SAM, Sharemac will create and assign a user account to you. You will then receive the username and temporary password from us to log in for the first time. After logging in, a password change is necessary. You can find more information about the onboarding here.

Yes. Sharemac not only shows how to use the IoT devices, but also offers workshops for SAM. There, all relevant functions are explained to all employees and users of SAM.

The dynamic data collected by the IoT devices is used for automated processes such as automatic cost center billing and logistics organisation, but also for other useful functions such as regular and digital equipment maintenance and inspection. Read more about how Sharemac uses telematics here.

The S-Boxes and LoRa Beacons developed by Sharemac are telematics solutions that are installed directly on the equipment and provide immediately the necessary dynamic equipment data to SAM in a reliable and regular way. You can find further information on the telematics page.

Sharemac’s tags are installed on equipment and are their digital identification, allow for retrieval of all relevant equipment data directly in the app and allow for manual cost center allocation of the particular equipment. The tags are easily installed on the equipment within minutes and are ready for immediate use. The various combinations of QR, NFC and/or RFID scanning possibilities allow for maximum adaptation to the clients’ use case and the already existing client devices such as smartphones, tablets, scanners, etc. Read more on the telematics page.

Sharemac offers state-of-the-art software and IoT solutions for construction companies: From renting and leasing unused construction machinery to construction site planning and monitoring. Thanks to the rental platform and our software solution SAM, the processes and procedures in everyday construction are made easier, faster and much more transparent and well-documented. The user not only saves valuable time, but also uses optimally its machine fleet. Read more about SAM here or request a demo directly.

We are a constantly growing company that welcomes everybody who wants to contribute to Sharemac’s success and leave their mark on the industry. Open positions can be found on our career page.

Did not find a suitable opening for you? We are also happy to receive an unsolicited application at anytime at info@sharemac.de.

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