5 questions to: Steffen

5 questions to: Steffen
  • February 16, 2022
  • Elena

    Hello Steffen! We are happy that you joined Sharemac in November 2021. Why did you originally decide on this position and Sharemac back then?

    The construction industry is an exciting new work environment for me! Both this new field and the options at Sharemac appealed to me right from the start. On one hand, the possibility to build up a complete area – the Key Account Management – was indeed decisive. On the other hand, it was quite practically the whole application process itself. After applying on LinkedIn, I received feedback the very next day and was invited for a visit to Bremen. Everything was very relaxed and there was a lot of transparency right from the beginning regarding the whole process, salary requirements and benefits. The whole process was wrapped up within 2 weeks.


    Since your experience doesn’t come from this field: What do you think is special about the construction industry?

    What’s special is clearly the opportunities that the industry brings with it – especially regarding digitalization. You can change, improve and optimize an extremely large number of things.


    Do you also see these points in your everyday work?

    Yes, especially through my contact with customers, which is my main task as a key account manager. As the first point of contact for our partners, I notice how quickly people discover the benefits behind our solutions and have a desire for change. My colleagues really get into SAM, “play” with the interface, to put it bluntly, and then give me direct feedback – be it praise, new possible functions or even problems that arise. In general, we are grateful for everything – but what pleases me most is that people always directly see the benefit behind the software. 


    Is customer contact your only job as a key account manager?

    No, definitely not. Of course, I’m mainly the communication between customers and our IT, but Sharemac is very versatile when it comes to every employee and their tasks, and I also hold talks with potential new customers, introduce SAM or take care of internal processes. There is no typical workday here, it’s always a mix of everything, and that’s what makes it so exciting!. You can set up processes and procedures and help shape them right from the start.


    Your tasks at Sharemac in 3 words?

    … Challenging. Diverse. Fulfilling.


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