STRABAG relies on Sharemac solutions

STRABAG relies on Sharemac solutions
  • August 10, 2021
  • Elena
  • One of the largest construction companies in Germany and Europe, STRABAG, has chosen our digital solutions. As a strong partner who has been with us for almost 3 years, this is a big milestone for us.


    How is SAM being used at STRABAG?


    After intensive negotiations and various feedback rounds, a 6-year contract was finally signed. SAM will initially be implemented in all 13 directorates in Germany before taking the next step and continuing with the implementation in all STRABAG locations worldwide. “With Sharemac, we have taken the step towards digitalisation,” says Arnulf Pucher, technical manager at STRABAG Bayern-Süd. 

    SAM will help STRABAG optimize equipment, project and logistics management in the construction process. Thomas Schelenz, who is responsible for equipment and project management at STRABAG Bayern-South, is already seeing the benefits in his daily work. “SAM suggests suitable equipment for all machine requests. That saves a lot of time and telephone calls,” says Schelenz. “In addition, there is significantly less paper on my desk now.”

    Efficient, digitalized and sustainable – this is how SAM supports STRABAG.


    What does this step mean for us as a company?

    “As a start-up, we are incredibly happy to win such a large corporation as a client,” says CEO Manuel Kimanov. “Winning STRABAG as a customer shows us what value added SAM brings to the entire construction industry. This is an incredibly big milestone for us as it also means our products will be used beyond Germany’s borders.”


    SAM is going international. So what is the next step?

    “Of course, this also brings completely new challenges. However, we have been working hard towards this step for SAM in the past. and we are looking forward to what’s to come in full preparation.”

    And we can all look forward to that! 

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