Use SAM and make the world greener

Use SAM and make the world greener
  • June 3, 2021
  • Elena
  • The construction and building sector is responsible for 38 % of global CO2 emissions.* This needs to change. Together with Brynk, we want to help make the world a little bit better, and you can help too – for every construction machine and piece of equipment that is equipped with an S-Box from Sharemac from now on, a tree is planted.

    SAM: The software that plants trees

    By choosing SAM and our telematics solutions, you are helping us reach our goal of planting 5,000 trees. For every new S-Box installed, one indigenous species seedling is planted at our protected sites.



    Why you should do it? Sharemac’s entire business model is about using equipment more efficiently – better asset utilization = lower demand for machines = less impact. Reducing demand is the first step on organisations sustainability journey and using Sharemac helps this. In addition, planting trees helps to offset some of the carbon generated during machine usage and the trees are planted in the regions most impacted by climate change. So all in all, it’s a win-win for everyone; construction companies take steps towards being more carbon neutral and the environment is helped.


    Zwei ArbeiterInnen pflanzen Bäume in die Erde

    The work of Brynk in Boanamary, Madagascar


    In addition, there are of course other things that we as Sharemac promise when you choose our solutions:

    • Reduction of paperwork, as processes are digitized and paper waste is prevented
    • Constant analysis and optimization of your processes to get the most return for your asset investment


    Supporting where it’s needed most

    We are partnering with Brynk to plant trees on our behalf. The vision: to provide people and businesses with an innovative, user-friendly and rewarding way to bring the planet back into balance. To do this, Brynk partners with various organisations, for example the Eden Reforestation Project, which coordinates planting with members of local communities in Boanamary in northwestern Madagascar, Kitiligini in Kenya and Mahubo in Mozambique. You can have a look at all of Brynk’s projects here.


    ArbeiterInnen legen Baumsetzlinge an

    Here you see how seedlings are planted in Kenya


    Building ecosystems, creating habitat for endangered species, combating drought and poverty – 5,000 trees is just a first step in combating this together. Interested in SAM? Just see for yourself and request a free demo of SAM.



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